Refunds & Chargebacks

Refund & Chargeback Policy For Tail Sports Inc

1. Refund Policy

1.1. No Refunds

All sales at Tail Sports Inc. are final. We do not offer refunds, exchanges, or credits for any products or services once they have been purchased. Before completing a purchase, customers are advised to read product or service descriptions carefully and reach out to our support team for any clarifications.

2. Chargeback Policy

2.1. Understanding Chargebacks

A chargeback occurs when a customer disputes a charge with their financial institution, leading to a reversal of the payment.

‍2.2. Prohibited Chargebacks

‍Customers are strictly prohibited from initiating chargebacks on purchases made at Tail Sports Inc. Any chargebacks initiated without following proper channels will be contested.

2.3. Legal Pursuits

Any unjustified chargebacks will be pursued legally. If Tail Sports Inc. prevails in the dispute, the customer will be responsible for all legal fees incurred by Tail Sports Inc. in contesting the chargeback.

2.4. Contact Before Chargeback

If customers have issues or concerns with their purchases, they are strongly advised to reach out to our support team before considering any chargebacks.

3. Contact Information

For questions regarding this policy or for any concerns with a purchase, contact support